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Personal Injury Attorney in Torrance, CA

With over 34 years of civil and criminal litigation experience, DMGAPC is available to handle a wide variety of matters involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death. These matters would include injuries caused by Medical Devices such as a Vaginal Mesh, Vaccine Injuries, Civil Rights Violations, Police Misconduct, Dog Bite, Premises Liability, Child Abuse and Molestation along with Product Defects and Construction Site Accidents.

DMGAPC handles a host of automobile and vehicle related accidents such as: auto v. auto; auto v. pedestrian; auto v. cyclist; semi and tractor-trailer; motorcycle related; railroad related; bus related; alcohol or drug related; marine and longshoreman related. It is imperative that an appropriate investigation be conducted immediately in these types of cases as facts and evidence have a tendency to rapidly disappear and memories fade.

Over the course of 34 years, DMGAPC has handled and represented a great many unfortunate and completely innocent individuals injured in these types incidents. Do not underestimate the extent to which insurance companies will go in trying to establish a lack of fault on the insurance company’s insured, a lack of injury or no damages on the part of the innocent victim. If you’ve sustained a serious or catastrophic injury, let DMGAPC provide you with a free consultation. If the case is accepted, there is no fee if there is no recovery.