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Business/Commercial Litigation

There is no doubt that bad situations, events and conduct arise in a number of different ways and environments. A small business is certainly no exception. Contracts (whether written or oral) are breached, disputes between associates, partners and shareholders occur, government entities overreach, economic transactions are illegally disrupted and it is certain that insurance companies deny claims often times just because they can. A small business’ legitimate claim may pose a monetary exposure which the insurance company may not presently want to face. Thus, the claim is denied knowing the small business simply cannot afford the legal costs to pursue the claim in court. The above conduct can give rise to a Business Tort (a civil not a criminal wrong).

DMGAPC is well versed, ready, willing and able to pursue any and all legal rights, remedies and relief available to a small business which has sustained a loss, damage or economic disruption because of unfair, unreasonable and/or illegal conduct. Noting that some small business’ have a restricted or limited cash flow, DMGAPC offers a wide variety of fee arrangements ranging from a contingency (no recovery-no fee) to a straight hourly fee or a variety of combinations to fit virtually any business or commercial budget.