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Insurance Litigation

Often times, insurance policyholders require benefits and/or protection under the terms and conditions of the specific policy or policies for which they have paid premiums. Just as often insurance companies will deny benefits, protection or coverage due and owing based upon some incorrect or false policy interpretation. DMGAPC has represented policyholders and insured’s in situations of this kind with a number of different types of policies such as Individual Disability Insurance, Government or Religious Group Medical/Health or Disability Insurance, Credit Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Homeowners Insurance --- e.g., fire, theft, water damage and personal property losses, Commercial and Business Interruption, Professional Liability Policies and Long Term Care Insurance. Other situations may involve an insurance company’s failure to defend an insured when that policyholder has been sued, rightfully so or wrongly.

In any of the above situations, DMGAPC is available to assist with over 34 years of experience in handling litigation against insurance companies all over the country based upon their ‘bad faith’ conduct. Verdicts and settlements in these types of cases have resulted in multi-million dollar recoveries. A variety of fee arrangements can be worked out including a contingency fee agreement where there is no fee if no recovery should the matter so warrant.