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Medical Malpractice

Medical and Hospital Malpractice cases are very difficult cases to pursue. It really doesn’t matter what type of negligence or other conduct to which a patient has been subjected. Healthcare providers and their insurance companies will, in almost all circumstances, be able to find support in the form of expert witnesses who will affirm and approve the treatment or other conduct as appropriate and having met the applicable standard of care (e.g., no negligence).

Mr. Graham has tried and arbitrated multiple healthcare-related matters which include cases involving orthopedic, gynecological, obstetrical, birth injury, bariatric (weight loss), urological and general surgery.

Patients who become victims of malpractice must also realize there are multiple California laws in place for no reason other than to protect healthcare providers from medical malpractice claims. The most prominent of these laws, passed in the mid-1970’s, limits any recovery for non-economic damages (e.g., pain and suffering) to the amount of $250,000 and not a penny more. However, there is no limit on economic damages.

Cases involving claims of negligence against healthcare providers are always complex. DMGAPC maintains the experience and resources to competently prosecute medical malpractice cases in California State and Federal Courts.