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Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse

Young or old, every human being deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. As the general population advances in age, there has become a greater need for care, treatment and protection of the elderly and dependent. Many times this care is provided by nursing homes or assisted living facilities. When the elderly or dependent adults are placed in these types of locations, the care and protection provided quite often does not live up to the care and protection which was stated to be provided at the time of admission. A lack of care can lead to further serious complications and injuries such as: falls, fractures, pressure sores, infection, dehydration, malnutrition, pain, suffering and depression.

There are a multitude of both State and Federal laws available to protect and enforce the rights of the elderly, infirm and dependent who are abused, mistreated and subjected to reckless neglect. Should a loved one, incapable of protecting himself or herself, become the victim of such conduct, DMGAPC is available to assist locally and throughout California in the enforcement and protection of any such victim. DMGAPC has successfully prosecuted multiple Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse cases. Given that love, care and compassion is due to all until the end, DMGAPC will always be available for a free consultation and representation in these types of matters.