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Employment Litigation

There is not a lot of justice within the workplace environment. At least, that is what most employers would have you believe. If justice is to be achieved within the workplace often times it is necessary to retain the services of an attorney to protect all of an employee’s rights, remedies and relief to which an employee may be entitled.

Employees do have rights. These rights are often embedded in law such as those mandated by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act in addition to other similar Federal laws which may apply. There are acts of discrimination, hostile work environment, failure to pay minimum or overtime wages and a host of other illicit employer conduct which may give rise to claims of wrongful termination.

Employment termination may also arise based upon retaliation. This may occur when the employee becomes aware of false or fraudulent claims submitted to another business or government agency. Such activity may violate California State or Federal False Claim Laws. As an example, employee protection is available for reporting “kickbacks”, healthcare-related Stark Laws or other illicit and illegal activity.

Please feel free to contact DMGAPC for a free consultation to see if your workplace rights have been violated to a degree which has caused serious and significant damages to you, the government and/or another business organization. If so, DMGAPC is more than capable of protecting and asserting your rights in either State or Federal Court.